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An online shop for premium synthesizer patches. There are currently 12 preset packs and one Serum bundle available for you to explore: 8 for Xfer Records Serum, 2 for u-he Diva, one for Arturia Pigments and one for the free wavetable synth Vital. More preset packs are coming and if you have any suggestions for future products please contact me via the contact page. If you don't want to miss the releases of future products subscribe to my newsletter in the site footer. 



My name is Yannick, I am a german sound designer / audio engineer and the founder of SYNTH BLADE. Sound design is one of my passions and I want to share my best creations with you in the form of high-quality synth presetsIn the world of sound I tend to be a perfectionist and I constantly try to improve and find new ways for creating exciting synth sounds. I listen to many different genres and look for inspiration in not only music, but also nature, art, visual design, literature and films. I have also recently started my own personal music project under the alias Novèr.


My goal with this project is to give producers and composers a source for exciting new ideas and fresh synth sounds. Because of that I always try to create colorful and coherent sound palettes for my packs and focus on inspiring themes. Every sound has to have an interesting character and match its theme in tone, texture and atmosphere. I also tend to create packs that are smaller in size but only include sounds that I'm very happy with and that meet a certain quality standard. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY is the motto.

Sound Aesthetic

If I had to describe my sound, I'd say that I'm generally going for an analog and organic feel / aesthetic. I'm also always looking for a way to create interesting textures that add depth and detail to the sound. Here's a list of genres which are roughly featured in this shop: 

  • Electronica
  • Synthwave
  • Cinematic Scoring (Synth Soundtracks)
  • Ambient
  • Drum and Bass


Visual Design

The Synth Blade Logo and most of the artworks were made by Timo Noack. Check out his website for more awesome 3D design and photography: https://www.timonoack.de/
The artwork for FUSION was made by Synthcoder. Check out his website for more amazing 3D work: https://synthcoder.net/.



You can also give me feedback on my work any time, whether it's constructive criticism or just sharing cool music you've created with a Synth Blade patch. Just send me an email at info@synthblade.com or message me on social media.