Making of: Dark Nostalgic Score for Short Film "2003"

  • by Yannick Heym

Creating an Ambient Score with Synth Blade Presets

In August of 2021, Cornelius Dammrich, a professional 3D artist from Germany, released a cinematic and nostalgic animation short film called "2003". It's his attempt to capture the atmosphere and chaos of LAN parties from back in the day. A must-watch in my opinion!


The music was made by german producer Lukas Guziel who makes dark ambient soundtracks and is a frequent collaborator of Cornelius. What's most interesting to me - apart from the fact that the composition is incredibly good - is that Lukas used presets from the CYBERPUNK Serum Pack to create this dark nostalgic sound. He told me how he came up with the score for "2003" and how Synth Blade presets helped him to create it:

„The process of composing the score for 2003 took about half a year. Since there was no hard deadline the goal was to find the right sound and feel until Cornelius and I would be happy with it. While I was working on some drafts for the music I found out about Synth Blade and the Cyberpunk preset pack. Since I mostly produce long dark ambient soundtracks this pack was the way to go. In the next two nights the magic happened while experimenting with these new patches. The sounds "Texture Reverb Lead“ and "Noisy Analog Bass Lead“ instantly inspired me and helped me to create the right atmosphere and mood for the score. Cornelius and I fell in love with the melody that I came up with using these two presets and so this sound became the core of 2003. To create an interesting progression I then automated the macros of both patches in Cubase and added some more detail and depth by fine-tuning the modulations. The Cyberpunk preset pack made the soundtrack of 2003 happen.

Below you can see Lukas Cubase Session for "2003" with all of the automations for the main sound "Texture Reverb Lead".

Cubase Session Automations 2003 Synth Blade Cyberpunk


Where to find Lukas and Cornelius

Lukas Guziel (Music):


    Cornelius Dammrich (3D Animation):

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