Cinematic Electronica Presets for Xfer Serum

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Lofi Ambient Presets for Arturia PIGMENTS


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What other Customers are saying

“Synth Blade has taste! These presets are excellent tools for music makers that want raw, textured sounds to bring their tracks to life. For me, I’m always looking for expressive and saturated lead sounds that give off a retro vibe, and Synth Blade has carefully crafted a number of presets that hit the nail right on the head. Highly recommend!”

Sombre Lux - Dark Experimental Producer

“Synth Blade presets are full of character. I love the instant vibe. Serum has never sounded this good!”

Snakes of Russia - Death Beats

"And you have credit due where it’s deserved, great work, please keep more coming… I use pretty much solely Synth Blade presets with Serum, nothing else comes close."

Greg Birkumshaw - Composer, Writer & Sound Designer

"Amazing sounds ✨ I'm impressed how deep & intricate the sound design in serum can be."

JK REPTILE - Drum and Bass Producer

"70 amazing presets, well worked macros, its just all perfectly good 🙏🏼"

Sevada - Bass-House / G-House Producer

"One of the single most juicy sounds I’ve ever heard come out of Serum. Will definitely find its place in my future productions."

Radecim - Atmospheric / House Producer

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Synth Blade is all about innovative sound design and electronic music. I create and sell high-quality preset packs based on inspiring themes for popular software synths like Serum or Diva.